Art is my passion, and I  am always looking for opportunities to create.  I aim for  realistic images to convey individual personalities and spirit.  I believe the correct use of design elements and drawing  techniques is the foundation of great art, so I am constantly aware of shapes, form and spatial relationships and attempt to use these as accurately as possible.

My subjects include a wide variety of people, places and things that inspire that feeling of "I must paint that!"  I particularly find that painting landscapes are pleasing and relaxing, especially now that I am beginning to enjoy plein air painting. Editing the scene to create the perfect (or maybe the perfect) composition is a matter of artistic judgment, so no one can say it is not correct!

People also fascinate me...their expressions, the individual styles, their activity.  I am often commissioned for portrait work, especially of children.

When I create art that moves the emotions of the viewer, whether the work is in oils, watercolor, acrylic or graphite, I feel I am successful.

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Art  by Paulette
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